The Art And Cultural Splendor Of Scottsdale, AZ

Arizonans of all ages and backgrounds have long reveled in the terrific attractions of Scottsdale, AZ. Natural beauty, convenient amenities and a friendly atmosphere have made the area extremely popular among a wide range of folks. Visitors from abroad are also beginning to discover the arts and cultural scene that is making the region a true American standout.

A pillar of the Scottsdale arts community is the Scottsdale Cultural Council, now called Scottsdale Arts, a well-known nonprofit founded back in 1987. The group is responsible for operating a number of cultural and artistic venues in the city.

Under the organization’s auspices are such highly-regarded spots as the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, and a wide range of extremely popular arts festivals throughout the year. Also a critical component of the organization’s work are the numerous community education and outreach programs undertaken to make the region a center of arts activity in the American southwest.

Of additional interest to arts-oriented residents and visitors is Scottsdale’s own historic Arts District. Smack in the center of downtown, is a true hub of artistic energy as well as a large number of museums and galleries. Making the spot even more attractive is the fact that it is hospitable to pedestrians in a way many comparable districts are not.

Each and every Thursday, the district hosts its Artwalk in which galleries situated there remain open in the evening hours to offer an engaging and enlightening experience for visitors. It is not uncommon to see artists at work or hosting exhibits during these special nights or to hear incredible musicians along the street plying their trade.

If a Thursday night Artwalk visit does not fit into a visitor’s schedule, all is certainly not lost. Gallery spaces situated there are open on a daily basis, as is an array of restaurants, wine tasting spaces and other spots sure to make any visit a real delight.

Another can’t-miss destination in the same general vicinity is the highly-regarded Smithsonian Affiliate institution known as Scottsdale’s Museum of the West. In addition to its normal operating hours, this tremendous facility boasts expanded Tuesday evening hours in order to accommodate visitors already participating in the beloved weekly Artwalk experience.

Scottsdale, Arizona is for far too many an undiscovered cultural gem. Visitors to this intriguing area of the country must do themselves a favor and explore all of the artistic resources and features it brings to bear.